About Us

At MESS, We Strive for Excellence. Our continuous struggle is to perform every job in a way very close to perfection. 

We strive when choosing the manufacturers that supply us with equipment and consumables. All the products that we distribute originate from manufacturers classified among the world best three in their field if not the absolute number one.

We strive when choosing our sales representatives by training them to offer to our customers the best possible services and a clear view of what we are promoting. They are always kept up to date with every single advance in the field.

We strive when choosing our technical engineers with excellent background and exceptional capabilities. We intensively train them in Lebanon and with the manufacturers abroad to make them ready in the best possible ways.

We strive when our administrative customer support staff struggles to respond to our customers’ queries in the shortest possible delays.

In brief, We Strive for Excellence to satisfy our customers bearing in mind that dealing with human health accepts no compromise. We do worry about every point to let our customers worry about nothing.



Jdeideh - Hikmeh Street - Sygma Center - Beirut - Lebanon Tel: +9611875202 - Fax: +9611875203 - Mob: +9613213087 - Email: info@mess.com.lb

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